The Dumbest Things I Heard at an Anti-Anti-Islamophobia Rally

I'm not arguing about definitions.

My list of terrorist attacks by muslims was to counter your point about the increase in attacks by white supremacists against muslims in Canada, which I didn't see much about.

Do you think that the current laws are not strong enough that people who believe in a specific god and way of life deserve to be handled with special gloves for some reason? All cases of violence, hate etc should be handled the same.

On top of that, you shouldn't be arrested or fear criticising an ideology, cause, or otherwise. If enough people still followed the old testament and found it offensive that people are being critical of stone-aged beliefs about the world, should there be another clause made just for their hurt feelings?

If someone is attacked, threatened etc for being muslim, they should be charged/arrested, but it should be the same procedure if someone is attacked/threatened for being hindu, christian, budhist etc. I don't see why there needs to be a special clause because there was a recent increase in the number of reported cases of hate speech online.

Mind you, that article you linked says there 'were heated comments on social media concerning Muslims'. Heated comments means what? Criticism of islam or calling for violence against muslims? The latter would be grounds for taking action, but not criticism.

Believe in what you want, but you shouldn't be in fear of voicing your opinion for/against anything, long as you're not inciting or calling for violence or breaking any laws.

Do you think that it's okay that if this motion is passed and I say 'I don't think the teachings of Islam can successfully coexist in the western world, and that Islam teaches intolerance against other religions and beliefs, and to treat women as below men', I should be charged with a hate crime? I can provide sources if you want.

Now I hope/know that most Canadian muslims don't believe in the Quran word for word, even though it's quoted to be the word of god, but religion should not be free from criticism. The old testament is just as violent, and it should not be exempt from criticism for the same reason.

Everyone should be protected against threats and violence, there's no need for this motion. If you're legitimately threatened or assaulted, report it to the police and actions will/should be taken.

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