‘Dune’ Premieres in Venice: Denis Villeneuve Urges Audiences to Watch the Movie in Theaters, Timothee Chalamet Hopes for Sequel

Yeah, the racial makeup of the 70s list is it’s glaring, glaring failure. There’s no doubt there.

But the 2010s list isn’t great. Only Black Panther and (maybe) the Fast and Furious entry have anything that could be called diverse casts. maybe Jumanji? Only one film is by a black filmmaker (Black Panther).

Gender-wise, it’s better but only by a degree. Not a single film helmed solely by a female filmmaker. But I think you’re off-base slightly in the strong characters department. Kramer v Kramer and Annie Hall alone dwarf any of the 2010s “strong” female characters list. Hell, Ridley in Alien is one of the most famous female characters in cinema history. Streisand in A Star is Born? Legendary stuff! Nurse Ratchet is a famous female villain, as well.

The 2010s lists are superhero after superhero after Disney princess after Disney princess.

But the point about the genres is that it used to be that films like that - again, my whole point is arguing for more variety - used to get big box office sales.

Do you not think it’s unbalanced that 49/50 are kids movies/action-based existing IP?

And this isn’t even addressing the fact that the superhero movies are children’s movies for the most part?

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