Dunkey - I'm Done With League of Legends

I have played since season 1-2. I still play the GAME because the GAME is fun. I don't ever remember the last time I played a game because of the people I am randomly joined with to play the game. I also cannot remember a time when some people did not take the chance to be an anonymous asshole over the internet.

I play as a teammate and a leader and usually can get a team to follow me. I have 3 accts that will hopefully each reach diamond this year (first time all of them will - just reached plat on each acct with 100-150 ranked games on each. Rarely play normals. And I still feel like I am not very good), and still have a ton of fun spamming League of Legends because it is a game I love to play. Some games are bad, but even those I notice mistakes I made and learn from them. Most games are good, and starting every game off with a "GL HF buds <3" tends to get things off to a good start.

The community and the toxicity in general is reflective, to me, of the younger crowd in League (I would say this includes people in my age group 20-25 and down to 10-15 or however young people start playing this game) and their unwillingness to focus on themselves in a situation.

Want to blame Riot's choices and procedures because of a situation in which you were introduced to 4 random people, all capable of winning a game of league of legends, and could not make it work? Go for it. But I would recommend realizing this is a free world, Riot will continue to try and make the game better in every way possible (even if you don't agree with the change), and you either try to have the most fun with the game and teammates you are matched, or you leave.

Most of you seem to be choosing the leave path. Which, I am OK with. As the game is reduced back to a community who play the game because it is a game they enjoy, you will find more games comprised of people like me who just want the best. I do not intend for any of this to sound harsh, it's just that myself and a lot of successful people (believe me I do not belong in that category, though) believe the most useless thing in this world is complaining. In my eyes, the only thing that has changed dramatically in League of Legends is the ability to Honor people and the ability to Report people.

Reports gave a place for people to complain, and attached expectations to the treatment of a random person who in your judgement deserved punishment. Honoring gave us a fun and rewarding way to compliment and reward each other for sharing a fun, team-oriented experience with those you are paired with. Reports are abused and Honoring is ignored. I could comment on what this says about human nature and the nature of those playing this game, but I am getting bored typing this, mostly, and it should be obvious.

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