Dunkey's making an indie game publishing company "BigMode"

Agreed, at least on the idea that people take him waaay too seriously. For someone who doesn't do much "official" analytical content and focuses on primarily comedy videos, it's a bit of a weird stance to take. Nothing wrong with watching/enjoying his videos or agreeing with his points, just that I think his content is primarily entertainment, not exactly an in-depth study on things.

I don't know, this is giving me a "These car companies don't know anything, they probably don't even drive their own cars" vibes. There's a HUGE difference between enjoying a product, and actually being involved in the industry, having experience manufacturing/producing, leading, and running a company. Again, you don't have to be a pilot to see an aircraft on fire and say "That's not good", but you sorta have to be a pilot/engineer to actually fix the problem, or make a better product.

I wish him the best luck, but I initially thought this was a joke. For someone who already does so much, I hope he doesn't completely burn himself out. Being in a relationship (possibly kids in future as well?), streaming/creating content, dealing with normal life stuff and running a company is a bit much. Especially when you're starting from what presumably is basically zero on the business/development side. I wish him the best, but just am sorta surprised on the complete lack of questions/concern in some cases.

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