During the 07-08 writer's strike, which long-running shows suffered the most? Which shows actually improved?

I should probably be more specific. I believe the writer's strike was the catalyst for the plethora of horrible entertainment we have been forced to endure for almost a decade. I do not blame the writers, I blame those that control the purse strings.

They are less inclined to back programs that require actual talent since a strike could cost them money, whereas a reality show only requires a camera crew with some editing skills which are easily replaced if they "get uppity". I have no actual figures to back my opinion up, but I imagine the return on investment is significantly greater for reality shows compared to a scripted/developed program.

That said, Amazon and Netflix originals are noteworthy, as are a few network shows. This seems to indicate that there are still talented individuals anxious and ready to generate high quality content. However, the sheer volume of reality programming that remains is so great as to be almost overwhelming.

Admittedly, the good is slowly starting to replace the bad, it is the wait that is painful!

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