During your life anyone judged you because of your condition? How and Why?

I had/have a lot of anxiety and suffering from depression after getting bullied so hard in school for having epilepsy. I have focal “attacks” where I would get “disoriented ” from the reality which means that I can totally hear what is going on around me but I cannot communicate with anyone for about 30-40seconds. Because of that I would get teased a lot by other students to one point where when I was going back from home from school where a bunch of boys from my class started to throw rocks at me calling me a junkie, weirdo etc because I had to take my medication. After going through a lot of bullying I started at a new school where at that point I was at the lowest. I started to harm myself, locking myself in my room crying my eyes out. And because of the bullying I completely couldn’t talk to ANYONE except for my parents because I was so scared that someone was going to judge me or insult me.my anxiety escalated to a point where I couldn’t even go to the mall and buy anything because I was so scared. What really did break my heart was when I was 14years old in a physic class. (At that time I was so traumatized and exhausted because of constant panic attacks) Anyway at that time I failed a lot of classes because I was so depressed. At the end of the class my teacher wanted to speak with me. When everyone had left the class he asked me why I constantly failed every test. I told him that my mental health issues did affect me more than he thought. He then told me that I should stop giving him excuses to why I’ve failed the tests. I told him that this was serious and that the anxiety and my depression combined with my epilepsy did affect me more than he thought. I then remembered clearly how he called me a bozo and how “lame” I was for not trying hard enough. After the school was over I ran back home locked myself in my room and cried for hours. I felt that I was worthless because nobody wanted to be my friend and people just saw me as a lazy weird girl who are just "blaming” on stuff because of the so called: “mental health issues”. I really want people to realize that we shouldn’t really judge other people because we don’t know the full backstories of their life’s.

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