Dustin Poirier wants a 165 weight class

I'm not wrong about anything.

You didn't even make a point there. RDA was 1 fight away from the WW title. What you just said is what people get from spending 5 minutes thinking about it though so i see where you got that number.

15 lbs is a huge leap, huh? So i guess you are saying that a division needs to go in between the already too think LHW / MW divisions? Or a division in between LHW and HW that is too thin now also.

The FACT is, everything is working fine right now. Frankie Edgar didn't complain about being severely out sized at 155 lbs. He went in there and won the title, Colby cuts barely any weight and he almost won the title at 170 lbs. Just because not every fighter wins doesn't mean you have to create a new division just so they can and every single 155'er that wants this new division and doesn't want to go to 170 because they are too big will be in for a big shock anyway when those exact same 170 lbs monsters cut to the new division too.

Besides maybe Woodley or Till who already moved up. They all can.

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