Dutch doctor says group will keep sending abortion pills to US women

However, I was told by the facility that it would be “like a bad period” and that’s what I was prepared for. Mine was on a whole other level of pain scale. Intense vomiting and diarrhea, blackout level pain to the point that I had to carefully do breathing exercises to not pass out, but then also kind of hoping I would, but being afraid of crashing into things if I fell. It went on for about 6 hours and I nearly passed out several times.

I should have gone to the ER to seek monitoring and heavy duty pain meds- I KNEW I was in a bad place, but I was too sick to get off the floor or put on needed clothes, truly. Plus, I’m in a red state and literally felt like the ER folks would just laugh at me and tell me this was my karma, and I was so sick there was no way I could sit in a chair in the waiting room. It’s just so different for everyone, but I sure wish someone had properly prepared me for how painful it could be and made sure I wasn’t scared to seek help if I needed it. As it is, hands down, most painful thing I’ve ever experienced by a mile, and I’ve lived an active equestrian life with many falls, concussions, a broken bone, etc. I’m really glad it’s not like that for everyone, but I felt so alone being told “heavy period pain” when I was in another stratosphere of pain.

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