The Dutch have it right

If I'm being honest, as much as I think the Dutch social safety net (among a lot of other industrialized nations') is great and the US would most definitely benefit from taking a page or two from their playbook, this kind of comment (far from the first of its kind) comes across as more show-offy and boastful than helpful and sympathetic towards those struggling in the US. I'm not saying there is bad intent here. I'm sure there's good intent here, in fact, but still. Also, I know he's partially trying to take the piss, but just because something is, at least in part, meant for a laugh doesn't mean it can't still rub people the wrong way and come across as insensitive.

I mean, say that you are (like many others) struggling with student loan debt and someone who has paid off their student loans completely says:

"As someone who has paid off their student loans, I can pursue my dreams without limits, save for retirement, put a down payment for a home, build up my child's uni fund (if applicable), and take control of my money. As someone with student loan debt, you can only dream of what a life of luxury could look like."

See what I mean? Pretty annoying.

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