Duterte kissing a married woman onstage.

Hey, keep using shit logic and I'll keep calling you on your shit logic. Keep using logical fallacy and insult other's logic. It definitely makes you look smart. You can't seem to understand that by repeating the same shit logic you get the same shut down. My responses are repetitive because you keep making the same mistakes. Problem is that you can't learn. The very definition of stupidity. What makes it worse, your stupidity makes you incapable of realizing just how stupid you are. To you, your stupidity is perfectly normal because it's all you know.

You seem to keep repeating dedication to sub when talking to several different people. You have zero reason to think I'm doing this for the sub as opposed to simply shutting down your illogical BS.

Doesn't matter how many articles I share highlighting international condemnation supporting my statements,

What you are incapable of understanding is that mass sharing of articles does not make your logic correct. No matter how much contradiction and obfuscation you interject.

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

We already addressed this. You don't get to initiate the ad hominems then cry about it when they're returned.

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