Dyatlov Pass - A slightly different theory

I don't think there's anything about the Dyatlov Pass incident that is inconsistent with a bear attack. If a bear entered the tent through the front, the people inside would have done anything they could to escape including cutting their way out the sides and evacuating in whatever clothes they were wearing at that instant. I am not sure whether the tent was confiscated and taken in for study to accurately determine whether the cuts on the tent were made from the inside. It's possible that the bear slashed the tent from the outside and the people evacuated from the tent entrance. Was the tent found tied shut?

In any event, the people would have run helter-skelter generally downhill and congregated after being some distance away and calling out to each other. Some might have been injured in falls while fleeing. The crushing blows received by several could have been the result of a bear swipe. Bears don't always bite and they don't always kill. Perhaps the bear was focused on the food in the tent. Is there any evidence that food remained when the tent was discovered? The fact that tree limbs were broken and evidenced that someone had climbed to a considerable height might indicate that the person was either directly attempting to escape a bear or climbing as a precaution. Of course, it's also possible that the climber was simply trying to reach a high vantage point.

The people would have been very afraid to return to the tent too soon and, considering how poorly they were dressed, would soon have become hypothermic.

The bodies weren't found for ten days so the absence of bear footprints is meaningless. If the tent wasn't transported to a lab for examination, the claim that the cuts were made from the inside is inconclusive.

The burns are easily explained by hypothermic, frostbitten people getting too close to a fire and being unable to feel themselves being burned. Rodents likely caused the soft-tissue injuries. Nothing unusual about that. The scrapes and bruises are standard for hikers and running wildly in the dark would certainly have caused more. The discoloration of bodies is standard after exposure.

What was inconsistent with a bear attack?

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