Dying Light 2 pre-order must be selling pretty well - it's no. 1, 2, and 3 in Global Top Sellers

When you have a day or two after the game came out, you have way more information on the quality of the game.

Not necessarily, no. Like, look at the info available for DL2 right now as an example. There's hours upon hours of gameplay on youtube already. Like... What more information is there needed?

People here praise the game and are looking forward to it super much based on that and critics impressions. Meanwhile, I find the combat and parkour especially looks extremely floaty and unsatisfying. I can't know how much that's actually noticeable in gameplay until, well, I play it.

And that's gonna be on release day regardless, so if I pre-order 1 or 2 days before I get to preload overnight instead of being unable to use my PC/internet for half a day. If the floatiness is as bad when playing myself as it looks in videos, I'll refund it.

Preordering is the reason why half of new AAA games release with tons of bugs and performance issues

No, the reason is because people tolerate them. Again, pre-ordering has nothing to do with it, because you're not stuck with youre preorder anymore like it's 2013. If a game runs like shit, that's gonna be easily obvious within 2 hours of play, so again... you just refund it.

But people don't do that. They'll play the game on 30 FPS for 140 hours and then leave a negative steam review saying "game runs badly".

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