[E3 2018] Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Just prepare for over a dozen hours grinding, basically pressing 1 button continuously literally for over a dozen hours, or dozens of hours really. I can't fathom how dragon quest fans don't comprehend this, or mabye they do and accept it because they like it or can stomach it. The simple battlesystems. But me personally i can't stomach dozens of hours grinding pressing 1 button continuously in a simple battle system for a story and characters that aren't that great. The whole series is centered on grinding. The DS version is exactly the same for grinding as the ps2 version, only the DS version is less annoying with constant random encounters. Literally in the ps2 version you will have a random encounter every 5-10 seconds across the land, and you're running around for hours, dozens of hours all over the place, you do the math.

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