EA/BioWare, Stop denying the true endgame. Fashion.

Oh for the love of fuck.

Fashion should be great but absolutely fuck that as an end game. This is not Warframe and I don't want it to be. End game should be you walking around decked out in pristine tier gear and weapons that looksl insanely sick and can destroy in ways that make you feel accomplished for all your efforts. Shit that is unique, stands out as an achievement that others long to get for themselves and is the pinnacle of badassery for only the folks dedicated enough to work their asses off to get. I'm not grinding hundreds of hours for fucking skins and decals when there's shit in the market place some 2 day noob can spend 20 bucks on and look twice as cool as me at level 8. Fashion end game is boring as fuck and if they turned this game into that, I'd uninstall and be done with this game for good.

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