EA Under Investigation – Claim Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Boxes “Are Not Gambling”

EA has boldly attempted to shamelessly fuck everyone in their arse once again and it has finally back-fired spectacularly. Of all foes, they chose to alienate both Star Wars fans and EVERY Gamer simultaneously. It is almost as if there was not a single person in their midst with the common sense or decency to point out the tragic mistake of what they meticulously designed. I think after years and years of trampling studios and ruining series after series while turning enormous profits on half baked dog shit, they finally became complacent. In this recent edition, they seemingly completely forgotten to at least pretend like they gave half a shit about their customers. This resulted in a one way ticket out of the spotlight and into the dog house for many, many people. The investigations are unsurprisingly singling out SWBF2, and incorporating others as an afterthought, because it pushed the envelope and caused a major fuss in the market. They should have played their cards closer to their chest but luckily for us, they didn't.

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