Eagle landed on Friday

Review of Eagle Rare store pick 10

Nose: Right off the start is a sweet cherry toffee with undertones of baking spice and oak, not much oak at all. Hints of vanilla follows..

Palate: The cherry cocoa with toffee play into a medium smooth texture, making for a great mouthfeel. A touch of baking spice rolls in with the vanilla.

Finish: Medium length with a light pepper spice. Just enough vanilla toffee to remind you how good it was.

Overall: This is a great sipper that is smooth enough to drink without getting too oaky after a pour. Stays fruit toffee forward the whole time that keeps this a step above the regular ER.

1 - Disgusting - pour it out 2 - Poor - wouldn’t consume 3 - Bad - Multiple flaws 4 - Sub par - not awful but could use work 5 - Good - just fine 6 - Very good - A cut above 7 - Great - above average 8 - Excellent - Really quite exceptional 9 - Incredile - All time favorite 10 - Perfect - non existing

8/10 - Excellent, really quite exceptional

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