Early week 10 points league trade value chart

Really helpful thread, thanks! Also sorry in advance for the long post lol

I have AD and it's unlikely I'll make the playoffs without making a trade, my team has been hit with injuries so I don't really have much depth left. I've tried working out offers over the past week or two but haven't had any luck so I'd appreciate some help. I was thinking of packaging AD with Sabonis or SGA but I should mention that AD and Sabonis are the only C eligible players left on my roster after injuries.

These are the top players on the teams that can afford to wait for AD:

First place: LeBron, Porzingis, Lillard, Middleton, Capela, Grant, Randle

Second place: Brogdon, Beal, Adebayo, Embiid, PG, Steph

Third place: Mitchell, Hayward, Zion, KAT, Kawhi, Simmons

Fourth place: CP3, Harden, KD, Siakam, Ingram, Wood

Any suggestions for an offer involving those players? Or I could offer for one of them + someone who averages in the mid 30s but I'll come up with that on my own if that's a better idea. Thanks!

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