Easiest site to site VPN setup for printer sharing?

Thanks for the replies. To clarify, I'll label locations as WH1 (warehouse 1) etc.


[Windows Desktop] to which all printers (2 physically local, 4 physically remote) must be installed as standard local windows printers [Zebra Network Label Printer 1] [Zebra Network Label Printer 2]

WH2: [Zebra Network Label Printer 3]

WH4: [Zebra Network Label Printer 4]

WH5: [Zebra Network Label Printer 3]

There will be a variety of devices sending print jobs through the inventory platform interface from all locations. This is the route:

Android Barcode Scanner (logged into Inventory Platform) initiates print job at WH2 -> Inventory Platform sends print job to WH1 Desktop -> WH1 Desktop sends standard Windows print job to queue of "locally" connected printer -> Label prints from [Zebra Network Label Printer 3] in WH2

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