East Blue Luffy vs Chunin Exams

I agree with Shika and Ino but there are some other threats to consider here too.

Naruto w/ his Nine Tails buff

Nejj (If Luffy has Chakra points?)

Gaara because he was OP as heck at this point in the story especially w/ a rage buff from Shukaku, though he is a bit of a double edged sword as he's just as likely to murder a teamate as he is to target Luffy.

Lee though I'm hesitant to put him here as I don't feel Taijutsu would do amazing against a man made of rubber, but once his weights are off he would drastically outspeed Luffy which might allow him to do some damage, especially if he opens 5 gates.

Everyone else just gets stomped without much effort, the rest are all too reliant on gimmicky crap, weak taijutsu, or boring ranged attacks to accomplish much.

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