Eastern Band of Cherokee Chief: Sen. Warren Does Not Claim Tribal Citizenry; Only Tribal Ancestry

As someone with both Norwegian and Native (Alutiiq) ancestry it pisses me off to no end that this is even a fucking thing anymore.

Donald Trump's father feigned Swedish ancestry to remove the stigma of his German ancestry (bad for business) when immigrating to America and in The Art of the Deal Donald Trump himself said his father "emigrated from Sweden." Purposefully avoiding the fact that he was German.

Elizabeth Warren claimed to have native ancestry which she heard from family stories. She didn't claim to be from a tribe but did embrace her ancestry. Which I think is cringe worthy at best but not purposefully lying about your ancestry. It's just stretching the relationship. Conservatives act like this was her golden ticket, as if claiming native ancestry suddenly catapulted her into success which, as natives know, is a bit ridiculous.

Why the fuck are natives not dropping this bullshit? You're playing right into a narrative by a person whose father purposefully lied about their ancestry and who did nothing to correct it because it was good for business.

I don't care where you stand politically, this whole thing is just stupid.

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