Found the police apologist.

You try to seem rational and try to heavily suggest you're merely using logic to produce your opinions when in reality your bias is glowing.

Towing is part of protocol? Okay maybe it is, but probably only if there isn't someone like a close family memeber or friend who can get consent from the owner to take it in the meantime. I know this because when my friend was arrested with me in the car, I drove it for the weekend he was in jail. The cop said to me "yeah go ahead I don't have to wait for a tow truck then." So it's definitely allowed. His mom offered and that cop was so spiteful and upset that his authority was very legitimately questioned by the ass eater that he refused that option.

Those laws are probably for more obscene things than those words that are only offensive to people with their heads up their asses and think the world and its laws revolves around their idea of morality.

That cop is a scumbag whether it's the law or not and now I just want to start an I eat ass sticker campaign in that area to spread 1st amendment rights and show that piece of garbage that the law can't just be interpreted to match his incredibly ignorant moral views. I might just make a few thousand of those stickers and send them to somebody who I know that lives there to hand out for free to anyone who wants one.

If my sister who has 4 kids saw something Iike this and one of them asked about it, I am sure they could come up with a response without becoming "furious" or however the cop said he would react.

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