I eat more vegetables than my vegan Family

I'm sure I haven't been nearly as adventuresome as you have but my veggie consumption is about 300% of what it was before keto, easily.

I enjoy veggies more than I ever did before, no doubt.

For me it was much simpler though. I'm actually assembling and cooking my own food now. Pre-keto I subsisted entirely on fast food and prepackaged meals. How many vegetables can you get from Wendy's, McDonalds, Taco Bell? Three. Iceberg lettuce, onions, tomatoes. That's either shredded, brownish at points, wimpy iceberg lettuce or a sad, single, wilty leaf of lettuce. Tiny, mean little onions that were dehydrated pellets, in a plastic bag, on a shelf in the hallway, just an hour before. A tablespoon of diced tomatoes or slice, slightly green on one side because who gives a shit? All just little nods towards health as you tuck into a meal that is entirely wrapped in nutritionally useless, empty calories in the form of white flour tortillas or "enriched" white bread, made of sugar, and confusingly to the rest of the world, actually sweetened with real sugar. (Why is their sugar in the bread?! It wasn't carb-y enough?)

Or, take a trip down the frozen dinner aisle... frozen pizzas? 2% vegetable matter, dashes of color. Frozen pot pie? Four days worth of sodium wrapped in carbs. Frozen lasagna? Sugar and meat in sugar sauce. And so on down the line. None of them more adventuresome than a diced carrot or some peas.

Meanwhile, if you confine your shopping to the real food that makes up the meat and veggie sections - beef, chicken, pork, check, check, check and then boom, avocados, four different kinds of tomato, four different kinds of lettuce, two spinaches, three or four different types of mushrooms, four kinds of onions, six kinds of peppers, brussel sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, endives, egg plants, cucumbers, zucchinis, broccoli and cauliflower, and so on and so on, and these in just your average, neighborhood grocery store! If you hunt a little you can get really exotic!

I didn't start eating vegetables because I was suddenly hungry for them necessarily. I won't claim that. Keto isn't slowly turning me vegetarian. Rather, I started eating vegetables because I started shopping because I was cooking because I couldn't anymore eat what other people were preparing for me. If you just walk through the vegetable aisle, willing to heat it up and put some butter on it, or just dip it in ranch and eat it raw, you can grab just about anything. So why not? It's my main source of variety after beef, chicken, pork, check, check, check.

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