Is eating 800-1000 calories a day healthy?

Some background information, I am a 5'3", 110 pounds female college student. I'm not trying to lose or gain weight, I just want to be healthy. I started recording my diet because I like a sense of structure and control. I also like to look at my macros. Well, after recording my diet for a month or so, I've found out that I unintentionally eat around 800-1000 calories a day. I didn't think was a big deal until my friend looked at my food log and told me that I'm depriving my body of food. I googled it, and apparently she's right. I don't feel like I am unhealthy though, I feel full everyday and I would never starve myself. I workout and I sleep well.

Is my friend correct? Should I try to eat more?

(Also, I grew up never eating lunch. I only eat when I feel hungry, and I always feel hungry at the same times everyday.)

Here's an example of what I eat in a day (yesterday's meal):

Breakfast (546 Calories):

5 oz of Gold Potatoes

1/2 of a Korean Pear

2 Egg Whites

1 Slice of Turkey Bacon

5 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Slice of 100% Whole Grain Fiber Bread

1 Tsp of Olive oil

1/2 Tbsp of Trader Joe's Taco Mix

1/8 Cup of Trader Joe's Soy Creamer (for my cup of coffee)

1/8 Avocado

Dinner (280 Calories):

1 Tbsp of Homemade Chimichurri salsa

2 Cups of Green Leaf Lettuce

30 Grams of Pinto Beans

1 Persian Cucumber

1/8 Dry Cup of Basmati Rice Medley

4 oz of Chicken Tenderloins

1 Tsp of Olive Oil

TOTAL: 826

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