EBS: Is Islam fundamentally wrong and barbaric, or is it the extremists that make it that way. (Please be civil :))

I dont see how the followers dictate if a set of rules is good or bad based on their actions, you can observe the rules and decide if its good or bad, why look to those who follow it

This is a debate about fundamentals, not societal and cultural

If you want to debate that Islam produces more radicals you can say Islam is bad for society, not fundamentally.

And although it does fall into the "no true scotsman" slope, it honestly is hard to judge the fundamentals of a religion based on how many radicals it creates, maybe you could try to state that Islam is open or made in such a way that makes it easy to radicalize, which is negative, but its pretty difficult to say if thats Islam's flaw, or simply the cultures that adapted it, or ect

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