The economy is more important than our kids, apparently: Coronavirus Australia: Scott Morrison warns COVID-19 cases will increase when schools re-open

I was eavesdropping on a nurse and her friend talking in Woolies earlier.. She said the end goal was never to eradicate the virus completely in Australia, the government put all of the measures in place only to buy time. 6 weeks ago, we didn’t have enough resources to deal with an outbreak, now we do- so they’re lifting restrictions and preparing for the onslaught. She said the government knows cases will explode with the reopening of schools and workplaces but that’s part of the plan. They’re aware a lot of people are going to die, but with adequate resources it will be fewer than if we went into battle before we were prepared. If Australia continues to avoid cases, then we’ll be behind other countries who’ve had mass infection and developed herd immunity according to this mystery nurse.

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