ED is a great game... or it will be.

I think tech-demo is a little low, maybe beta. I agree that this game is missing things, but I think it would be much closer to more like skyrim minus the storyline. This has been said before but the phrase "Width of an ocean and depth of a puddle" has been used and it is fairly accurate. But the thing is, what were going to notice as players, is depth. And there are a ton of games that don't have a lot of depth. There are a lot of games that also follow the model that E:D is, where they release the game when it's playable and entertaining then keep making improvements, it's not uncommon.

With a game like E:D there are so so so so so many things that could be done to improve it, that it becomes hard to draw the line of "finished," I would be thankful that E:D doesn't follow a subscription model like most games like it. You only had to pay for it once, and I don't know of a single person who has played Elite and hasn't gotten at least there money's worth out of it.

As to your points,

  1. This is core to the mechanics of a sandbox, there is no ultimate goal. You make your own. Want to be a bounty hunting badass with an anaconda who can influence entire systems to go to war? You can do that. A small group of people was able to influence a faction enough to make them expand into another solar system. What you described is the progression, you have to make your own goal. Welcome to the sandbox 2.The mechanics for co-op are there. You can group with other people. The biggest group on the forums right now are a huge pve clan that [ practically own their own stations?] (check their forum page I'm not sure how true that is]
  2. The modern tech point has been talked about a lot in this thread but, I would like to add this. If we compare Elite:Dangerous to a game like eve, it has the exact same amount of trading tools as EVE does. In fact it actually has more (with the import/export system) The tools you are describing are supposed to be made by the community, and there are some out there already. This is part of the skill involved with trading. You want to make cash trading? Put in the effort and make a spreadsheet. Don't like spreadsheets? You're in the wrong career path. Spreadsheets and those sort of calculations add to the competitiveness involved with trading. If everyone was the best trader out there on day one. Throw all player based competition and progression for trading out the window.

I also want to make it clear that I am not fanboyishly defending this game. I started at release, didn't contribute to the kickstarter, and wasn't in beta. This is based on a couple weeks of game time and just playing after work and on weekends. I also have experience with this kind of genre of game (sandbox) so I figure I'm a decent bit qualified to commentate on it.

Now that I have covered all my bases I better stop this wall of text. Thanks for reading

TL;DR: read just the numbered points at least. Ya lazy

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