Ed Miliband interviewed on Absolute Radio

Quick question McTagnut, I know you're busy and everything (nah, I don't believe it either), but I was hoping you could clarify something for me.

You've needlessly accused me of gay bashing (because that's how you think reasoned argument works apparently) but there's a thread on a hate-based-sub that I was hoping you could advise me on. It turns out to be a sub you're quite vocal on, in fact you've even posted on the thread under discussion. The thread is regarding how gay issues are taught in schools. You may even recall the thread in question.

Among the comments posted by other users are the following phrases:

being gay is a deviation of what it normal hence it's a illness

I do hope it's genetic so we can screen for it and abort gay fetuses

Eugenics moves the human species forward!

Homosexuality is a sure way for spreading diseases and all around degeneracy

being truthful and telling them faggotry is a disgrace to human existence

And post after hate filled post. And yet not once do you accuse ANYONE of homophobia! These champions of white supremacy that you apparently consider your peers are demanding the murder of unborn babies and you don't have a single thing to say about it. It's almost as if you don't have any problem with bigotry at all, you just accused me of being a homophobe because you thought it would get under my skin. And perhaps it would have if you'd had any evidence to back up your pathetic trolling. I know you'd already got tired of me shining a spot-light on how dumb your arguments were and so you've already stomped away, tail between your legs, but I thought "lets give McTagnut a quick check-up, see what he's up to, I may have shot his arguments full of holes, but it would be lovely if he's proved my case for me". And you had. So thanks for that,

I'd expect an apology from anyone with an ounce of class, but that's not you. You're a hypocrite, a liar, a troll and a bigot. And now I have my final bit of proof, we're finally done. Learn a lesson if you can, from all of this. If you want to start name-calling, be prepared to back up your claims. If you'd called me a homophobe to my face the result would have been quicker in coming, but as I can guarantee you're only ever brave on-line, this is as close as I can get to making you eat your words.

Now skulk off back to your little gang of angry, hate filled little maggots. You sicken me.

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