The Editorial Cartoon in the Calgary Herald yesterday gave me a laugh by how accurate it is.

Someone in the city fucked up when they decided to make green bins the same size as garbage bins.

People here need to look at other cities solutions.

Montreal has a green bin that's a quarter of the size, it gets picked up every week along with garbage.

Smaller bin = lower cost. Enough to slightly raise the cost to homeowners but enough that it wouldn't bother people as much and black bins could still be picked up weekly.

Currently our recycling operations are just hemoraging money since Calgary has nowhere to sell the recycling to so they've opted to just throw out recycling in the land fill.

Essentially, taxes are currently going towards sorting and crushing everyone's recyling then shipping it to landfills.

Instead - until the city finds a buyer for the recycling they should reinstate weekly garbage pick up.

For those who think that's wasteful - it's not, both bins are currently going to the same place except one is a lot more costly.

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