Edmonton PD Harassing the ex wife of one of their officers . Going as far as facing their cameras away .

The EPS are assholes. Sometimes they used to follow me around. I was even followed by helicopters, sometimes by spotlight so you know it is actually you they are following. I have seen then following people with the helicopter before. I vividly remember some guy in his 60s just minding his own business crossing an intersection and they put the spotlight on him and started losing his shit, screaming at the helicopter and giving them the fingers.

They just fuck with people until they snap or something.

I read that their old police chief was trained by the LAPD so their tactics reflect this. I actually once thought about trying to join the EPS when I was a young man because Edmonton is full of scumbags. I noticed the physical requirements were quite high and it made me wonder if that somehow has a really negative effect on their style of policing. My family told me that they are assholes and that I don't want to be one of them. They were probably right.

I was once with some friends and happened to be going through a park area and we were ambushed on a city trail after dark by EPS officers with AR-15s. They rifled through our belongings and found an unopened bottle of wine in my backpack. They opened it, offered each of us a drink before pouring the entire bottle out. We were all White guys just minding out own business.

I didn't take a drink unlike the others because I didn't want to give them an excuse to give us all tickets or arrest us. One of my friends was ex-military and he was so mad. Not much you can do though.

I think they just try to fuck with people and follow them around.

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