effects of masturbation

  1. I would say you should go for NoFap for a variety of reasons one of which is because you feel in control. 2. I believe it does help with cancer. However, some studies suggest it only works for 50+ year old men. It’s also not like if you don’t it will cause cancer + I think the avoidance or porn and the ilk help overall. 3. Masturbating without porn is definitely better than with porn. It is still better to NoFap. I don’t know too much about fetishes but it might not be great for your brain to associate non-sexual things with sexual things. 4. Porn is very exaggerated and in many ways it does not help. I’d refer back to #1 for why NoFap but porn is especially especially exaggerated & damaging to both you and other people. It can make you view other people as sex objects for one thing and many people are abused and put on porn sites against their will or without their knowledge. PornHub has been caught allowing this on their site more times than you can count. You might be able to look up some of these lawsuits from the abused victims.
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