[Effortpost]I'm Worried About The Quality Of WW2.

All around screams generic

All around screams "classic WW2 scenarios done for the first time with new technology on next-gen for real story and immersion, while remaining nostalgic to past movies/games set in WW2". That's kind of the whole point of the game.

probably gonna strike "a fatal blow to Nazi Germany" by yourself.

Exactly the opposite of what the campaign is trying to achieve, not sure where did you get this idea from.

The Character Trailers. Why do they exist?

Why does anything exist? I always laugh at these "why do trailers exist" kind of posts. Nobody is foricng you to watch them if you want it to be kept as a surprise.

I could almost wager that the actual gameplay might be extremely linear

Oh no! A COD, with linear gameplay in campaign??? What have they done to this franchise!?

if I pick the non-SMG or non-Commonwealth, I'm at a disadvantage.

Powerful SMGs is nothing new on COD, but I'd really be surprised if this doesn't get balanced until launch. Remember, what you were playing was a beta.

Map layouts. Since I sort of mained the double-barrel on Expeditionary, Pointe du Hoc and Ardennes were my go-to maps.

So what you want is the whole game to be designed for double-barrel shotgun-only players like you, or else the layouts are bad?

Can't speak much about zombies.

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