EG vs VG.Reborn - Post Match Discussion

Usually there is a problem with the draft when a team loses the way that EG did. However, I have to say that the drafting by PPD was great and did not contribute to their loss.

Bane was picked to counter Naix with fiend's grip.

Axe was picked to counter Naix infest bomb e.g. infest into Slardar, blink, infest bomb onto krob, Axe could then jump in, call and turn the fight around.

Jug is great to destroy phoenix egg by bladefury magic immunity.

Their lanes were superior as well, as evident by their early game dominance. Dark seer gives Naix problems with csing because of ion shell spam since he is a melee hero. Krob is better than DK mid as its a range vs melee lane, siphon, etc. Bane and Jug prevents Slardar from entering the lane.

It looked great on paper, but somehow EG crumbled. Despite their fantastic start, the game eventually became a gradual descent into disaster.

(First, Aui overextends at mid.)[] He starts off with around 450 health and wastes spin on the creeps while allowing the tower to attack him down to 300 health. There was no reason he should had been there when 4 enemy heros are missing on the map, and he definitely shouldn't had wasted spin for no reason, allowing disruptor to glimpse him.

The next few deaths by Sumail and PPD were fine, as they created space and it was hard to avoid. Sumail was left mid and perhaps he should had played more defensively and farmed jungle but it's understandable that he stayed mid when the rest of his team was roaming around the enemy jungle and basically controlling the map and stealing VG's neutral stacks.

This fight pretty much tells the rest of the story. Slardar blinks in with Naix infest bomb onto Krob (the hero that EG needs to keep alive), and disruptor drops his ult on top, which stops Axe from blink calling to disengage the Slardar/Naix infest bomb. However, PPD does his job by standing back and using his ult to hold the Naix in place. The abysmal teamwork between EG starts to show when Fear blinks in too early at the wrong place, gets stunned by DK while Aui runs around doing god knows what.

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