Ehenm... "seduced"

I’m clearly wasting my time. You either live in a box or are very young and naive.

I am not going to do extensive research for you, my readings and studies are my knowledge base.

I hope you get out of your box and narrow minded thinking at some point in your life. You’re perpetuating the issue.

Do yourself a favor and learn how statistics and facts work before doing research. Maybe even google the word average.

1 in 100 people “xyz” is not an average of the entire population. We can’t even get an accurate census. Studies are in fact based off smaller amounts of diverse people.

I will leave it with, yes ask people around you. This is have you get a consensus and average. There is no way of knowing everyone’s experiences in everything.

It’s how we learn. Nearly all men have a penis, nearly all humans have legs, nearly all people think water daily. There is always and exception to the rule.

I hope you grow outside of your shell and get a chance to experience many people in your life and situations to expand your mind. This doesn’t come down to age, or geographical location or gender. We have the internet! It’s amazing, explore and good luck.

Have a wonderful life :)

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