Eight women have come forward against Biden making sexual harassment claims & at least one sexual assault. Say their names: -Lucy Flores -Amy Lappos -D.J Hill -Caitlyn Caruso -Ally Coll -Sofie Karasek -Vail Kohnert-Yount -Tara Reade It's time to #UnEndorseBiden #TimesUpBiden

It certainly seems that just about everyone who is attracted to power for the sake of power should be considered to be a sexual predator. I don’t have any way to validate my claim but simply look at the sociopaths in halls of power who seemingly get outed every election season. Also look at those with money and power in Hollywood, universities, churches, corporations, etc... Look at the list of names on the Epstein flight rosters. The Marquis de Sade wrote a book called The 120 Days of Sodom where he discusses sexual sadism and the people he chose as the main characters were an aristocrat, a banker, a retired judge, and a bishop - for a reason. Sexual dominance seems to be an innate trait of those who seek power for the sake of power. If you scratched the surface of Washington I think you’d find almost everyone there is a sexual deviant and that’s why the DNC finds this stuff to be utterly trivial.

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