Eight Wounded, Two Critically, in Suspected Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Think about how much these people hate Jews. It drives them to support a suicide bombing, rocket launching terrorist organization. As well as group of people who doesn’t believe in women’s rights and wants to execute members of the LGBTQ community.

In a region full of these types of countries they pick out Israel (a piece of land the size of New Jersey) to harp on about. Something something colonists (even though Jews have been there for thousands of years). Talk about ethnic cleansing when the Palestinian population is booming. I wonder why!

So what’s the end game for these people? They hope the Palestinians force the Jewish Israelis out? Now the Israeli jews are refugees (for the millionth time). Then Hamas or just “normal” religious fanatics move in and institute their crazy laws. Is the next step to then hate the Palestinian state since they are, ya know, probably going to be kinda crazy? Or is getting the Jews out the main goal (or at least a consequence that they readily accept)?

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