Einstein’s Haplogroup is E-Z830 indigenous to North Africa & Hitler has Amazigh E1b1b.. Why do People hide these Facts? Does anyone know where they are from?

Yes because there was never a barrier between the Sahara so ME and Africa was always connected , same for Horn of Africa.

E-M81 subclade observed among the ancient Guanche natives of the Canary Islands.

(Pagan Amazigh on the Island near Morocco who were slaughtered by Spanish in 1400s)

Haplogroup E-Z827

Possible place of origin Northern Africa

Descendants E-L19, E-Z830

What does that say on the right love

his DNA points more to Berbers from North Africa (Morocco or Algeria now) than to the Horn of Africa which is to the Far east side of Africa by Eritrea. Several Berber tribes were converted to Judaism by wandering rabbis in the “Dark Ages” of their era. So his ancestors were likely Berber Jewish converts.

The Jews do not want this information out at all because they do not want people to delve into these Amazigh who were converted to Judaism.

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