Is ekko broken?

I don’t get why redditors are like this lmfao. Some random brings up my flair as vlad and BOOM! Whole post changes to a vlad v ekko discussion. Look, as top 10 vlad in NA, I know how to beat this matchup. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a hard matchup. He has that early game pressure that he can abuse. I’m not going to discuss this any further as you are an ekko 1 trick and will continue to hold your stance. You can watch any high elo gameplay of the matchup and see the recurring pattern. Good ekko will destroy this lane easily, until you get to late game. However good ekko also play around pressuring which delays late game.

The whole post is whether or not ekko is broken (100% yes and I won’t ever change my mind). I’d like your opinion. In general, a champ having high mobility, free phase rush, huge burst, free mistake button, r does a shit ton of damage as well, dashes upon dashes, 2nd life which he can probably use frequently with a low CD for ults. If you say ekko is balanced I’m afraid there might be delusion. Another ekko main in this post said he’s broken. It’s not hidden facts, in fact all online you can find threads and videos on ekko. He’s unhealthy for the game and needs nerfing.

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