Elder family members and driving - how to break it to a family member that her independence is over?

My aunt tried for years to get my grandmother to stop driving. They argued, yelled, didn't talk for months at a time. My uncle, the quiet one, kept asking to handle it, they went over to visit her and then left. My aunt got pissed because he didn't say anything. They were going to meet her for dinner later, then she called and said there was something wrong with her car, they picked her up, and my uncle started the car and it sounded terrible. He took it to get fixed, then gave it back to her. A few weeks later she called again and said it wasn't running good again, he had it fixed again, this went on for several months. He finally told her it needed a new engine and would cost more then the car was worth. So they sat down and between my aunt and uncle, they convinced her they could take her wherever she needed to go so she didn't need to buy a new car. She agreed. My aunt said it was lucky the car broke down since my uncle never said anything to her about not driving anymore. My uncle smiled and pulls a spark plug out of his pocket, and said yes, we're very lucky the car broke down. Put the plug back in the car and drove it away. Missing a spark plug makes it run terrible, no one would drive it so there was never any danger to her. This was a long, 30yrs ago maybe, but I'm sure a car can break down now also.

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