Eldercare & the Crappy system

Hey, for the record elder care is really important to me, that why commented. I volunteered with a senior centers transportation program for years. I have a small (very small) business with a lot of older clients because of my time at the senior center. I hope to transition my services as the years go on. So I thought we were spitballing. It sounded like you had a rough day so I thought I’d wait a bit. I’m sorry, capitalism ducking sucks and we’re somewhere we’ve never been before.

There’s sort of a changing of the guard happening right now in regards to senior care, death, and dying. It’s a great time to pursue something in that field. Carpe Diem

A smol word of caution tho, you aren’t inventing the wheel. There may already be people trying to do what you’re thinking or working on something else.

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