Eldritch Scoundrel vs. Vivisectionist

It's not a trap.

In my current game, one of my strongest companions is Eldritch Scoundrel Octavia. She is level 7, so I made a Rogue1/Wizard3/AT3 to compare. Both Two-Weapon fighters 19dex/16int.
|Base attack Scoundrel +5 vs Arcane Trickster +2.
|Saves Scoundrel 2/5/2 vs Arcane Trickster 2/5/5.
|Sneak attack dice Scoundrel 3d6 vs Arcane Trickster 3d6. Both can sneak with touch spells.
|Spells slots level 1/2/3 Scoundrel 5/4/2 vs Arcane Trickster 4/4/3 (Non-universalist would be 5/5/4).
|Feats are different mixed. Both have Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Combat Reflexes, Accomplished Sneak Attack. Scoundrel has Outflank. AT could not take because of low attack Outflank, so I took (Greater) Spell penetration instead.

Scoundrel has debilitating injury, which is very very good, Evasion. Finesse training. Uncanny dodge from combat trick. (Can also get familiar from combat trick.) On level 8, scoundrel gets a second attack at +6, another if you take Improved Two-Weapon Fighting with combat trick.

Trickster has Familiar, and Spell Penetration. On level 8, Trickster has +3 base attack. BUT gets level 4 spells and another die of sneak attack.

Depends on what you want.

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