Elementz about his future

You know, for some people making a business becomes like gambling. You start, you get some nice wins, you see some hopes and you never stop despite it's pretty much clear to anyone else, beside you, that you'll never win or stop playing. When it comes to e-sports, you can divide your activities in two different fields: business and fun. E-sports are fun because you are in a very young environment, full of ambitious people, where you play and through win or losses you get adrenaline and you want to improve and show everyone your skills and so on. But e-sports are also a business, you must be charismatic and smart and you have to know how to manage people and relations between them. Being a team-manager is no different from being a project manager, which involves quite a lot of skill and most of all the right attitude. You can't just create something (like a team, or a website, or a stream) and hope that other people will fill-up your thing with great content. You must be the first to create attractive content so that people will be interested into join the project. (unless the project it's not incredibly innovative just by itself) What i am trying to say with my bad english is that as soon as you realize you don't have what it takes to win, you should stop. I read carefully the post and you have the classic mindset of the one that doesn't want to recognize that his issues go well beyond bad luck. You can't just think that you can't get success because that player left, and the other one sneezed during a smite, and the other one went nuts. Unless someone tries to directly troll in your team, you have the responsibilities. And most of all if you admit that you're done with e-sports why would you want to stream again and start a website? Plus as a web developer i really hope that your last statement doesn't mean "help me with my project for free".

Still i have nothing against you! i feel your struggle and just want to share my thoughts.

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