ELI5 - 2021's victory controversy

So for balance, not saying I agree but we should report the other side of the argument:

  • The regulation says "any lapped cars" not "all lapped cars" have to pass. Masi's application of this to mean 'lapped cars I want' is something we've never seen before and was thus highly unusual. But both the FIA's report and Red Bull argue that this is a valid interpretation - and they have changed the wording to "all lapped cars"this year.

  • Other regulations give the Race Director ultimate discretionary authority over the use of the safety car which the stewards and FIA claimed was a valid reason for bring the Safety Car in a lap early and thus ending the lap under green flag

  • While I agree it's extremely likely, it is not absolutely guaranteed Hamilton would have won the race if the lapped cars hadn't been unlapped. None of them would be allowed to get in Verstappen's way as they'd be under blue flags. We do not know whether he'd have found a way on those tyres to get up to Hamilton in the last turn or start/finish straight. Alternate histories are unknowable.

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