ELI5 - How is it possible that we still have COVID-19 cases in Victoria?!

It’s all completely relative, my friend. I’m happy to go on and on and on and on and on about various circumstances in different environments where we use “total death numbers” to create absolute trash hysteria. I believe we both got a bit fallacious in our arguments - so I should stick to my main point in this discussion: viruses are viruses. We live with them. They WILL kill people. To shut the whole entire world down? Absolutely catastrophic. I get it, it would be hard to be that leader who says “there’s a virus, it is killing vulnerable people. Please stay safe and follow these simple steps whilst there is an outbreak. However continue working, shopping and travelling - please take precautions” Wouldn’t be the most popular person in the room. However, we all know this. I 100% believe in the virus, it’s very real. (It’s not a conspiracy, just to add) but the political, economical and environmental reaction around it is an absolute monstrosity.

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