ELI5 difference between a cult and a religion hit the front page - contains good discussion

I saw that thread today . I was psyched to share my experience....wonk wonk wooonk the comments are locked. COPY &PASTE of my last comment entry . A post about Mormons.

They are polite yes ..friendly yes. We were "lovebombed" immediately. I loved the community vibe of the neighborhood. Our kids got along great. I was impressed with the church's emphasis on family. Now we made it clear from the start several times , we had no interest in converting. We don't mind their beliefs..surely this feeling will be mutual. We're all friends. Instead the proselytizing increased. Ward members we didn't know showing up announced. Questioning our kids, when we're out of sight. Sharing info about us to others. Total lack of boundaries....I felt like our family had become their crazed project. Last straw came when a couple reached over our 6ft fence to undo the gatelock. Invited themselves once again. No shame at all. My husband and I told them firmly, Enough. We haven't seen or heard from any of them since. Overnight we (kids included) got excluded from neighborhood dinners and game nights. I'm still bewildered ...

We were ghosted after they knew our family is 100% not interested in joining . Then an interesting thing happened ....we met the nonMormon neighbors. Apparently this overzealous welcome wagon is their m.o. .... I'm still confused but mainly I feel better knowing my family weren't the first to be woo-ed and dropped like a hot potato.

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