ELI5: Gangstalking. What exactly is gangstalking, and what about it is fact and fiction?

The fist time I did mushrooms, if you would have asked who I was, I would have answered that I was the second coming of Jesus. And I stayed in this mindset the majority of the next day. My reasoning went something like there was something different about me because I was conscious of being me and I am not conscious of being anyone else. I was bolstered in this viewpoint on all sides by people who told me things like, “you’re going to accomplish big things in your life,” because I did well in school and stupid shit like that.

I remember thinking shortly after that, “I’m not the second coming, and thinking that way could be unhealthy, but I can still be a good person.” I wonder why there is a difference between me and your brother. I realized the absurdity and laughed at those unhealthy thoughts; whereas, your brother, realizes the absurdity, but can’t dismiss the validity.

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