ELI5: How can North Korean have top talented hackers? Aren't their technology and information stuff generally outdated?

They do in fact have the worlds, by far the best hackers! The Russian, US, and other countries fear them. It is not uncommon that NK hacks a billion dollars out of a country on each hacking attempt, and they are almost never detected.

Then how do Russia and the US know it happens, it is simply because of NK extorting the target countries and demands money, or they'll release the information. But on other times do NK simply brag about their hacking.

A NK Hacker is taught how to hack already from kindergarten and almost 24/7 every day to adulthood, they have unlimited money and gear, plus a NK hacker simply gets trowed in jail if hey makes mistakes. This means the children, right up to adulthood, do all what is possible to make sure they know the material to perfection, each and every day... or die!

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