ELI5: If the universe is infinite why are there estimated to be only 100 billion galaxies? Surely the number of galaxies would also be infinite?

A little perspective... https://imgur.com/gallery/jm2qy5u

To me, the human species perception that we are the only life in this universe it's extremely immature, but we are beginning to grow and so how do you shame a child who has not yet learned. You don't. While we have no proof, I suspect the answer to the question of life in the universe is yes, there is a huge extent of Life out there. But, as we all know, we're kind of stuck here on this wet Rock until we figure out how to successfully develop as a species, and are able to reach out well beyond our solar system. I'm a bit skeptical that we will ever come around, at least anytime soon. We seem significantly tied up with our own fears for survival.


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