ELI5 what is the difference between LED, LCD, OLED, QLED, and plasma?

I've had experience with burn-in and it takes a fairly long time, but it happens. I use my LG OLED as a PC monitor, and one of the biggest mistakes I made owning an OLED for the first time was cranking up the brightness, contrast and OLED light to 100 and turning off Energy Saving. Add a static wall paper to the mix and you have the perfect storm for screen burn-in.

I only noticed it when watching a movie there was a very faint Rorschach-looking blotch on the actors skin. The overall scene was fairly warm color and made the burn-in more obvious and realized the burn-in image was that of my wallpaper.

I ran one of those 4K burn-in test on Youtube and sure enough there was burn-in.

Luckily I had the Best Buy protection plan, they came in and replaced the defective screen with a new one and no problems since.

Learned my lesson so now I have a OLED-friendly wallpaper (basically less contrast and less white) and toned my OLED settings. Only turn them up when I'm playing a game or watching a movie.

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