ELI5- What is gaslighting?

might ask their victim to get them a coke, then when their victim does, they insist they asked for a sprite,

When the first lockdown started, I started doing the shopping for elderly father, but beforehand I made sure to write down exactly what he asked for and then read it back to him because even though I'd never done this before I knew exactly how this would play out.

Sure enough right on cue when I came back with his groceries he put on a pained expression and rolled his eyes and dadsplained t me all the things I forgot and got wrong all in a tone of voice that suggested he was thinking "Can you believe the infinite patience and tolerance I'm showing putting up with this bullshit"

He told me to stop when I began to compare his shopping list to the receipt but I kept going on till I proved everything I brought home was exactly everything he had asked for down to the exact brand and quantity.

That was the end of that particular stunt, he'll still try out new gambits like telling me what he what he wants me to get as soon as I wake up in the morning to which I'll say "sure, you can tell me again when I'm heading out and I'll write it down"

Even though his eye's and voice slowly grow dimmer and weaker everyday he's still as sly and as cunning as ever and while losing his own memory for real, (like letting the hot water run all night or leaving the gas burn under the kettle) his mind is absolutely crystal clear razor sharp when it comes to finding ways make every simple life event an awkward difficult ordeal.

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