ELI5: With all the lawsuits going around where companies can't be sexist when hiring employees how is hooters able to only hire big breasted women

I've found that when men are looking at looking at 19-year-old breasts, the wings taste better.

As a woman, this is okay with me. I'm Italy right now and if they had the male equivalent of Hooter's here with hot Italian men I would be there. I'm sure this goddamn limoncello they keep trying to shove down my throat would taste better. :)

I have several Hooter's side stories: I come from a crappy town in south-west Georgia. My best friend and I both moved away for college and haven't lived there since. He happens to be a gay guy. For holidays, we sometimes find ourselves back in town and miserable. Last year, on Christmas day, I got a text from him: Can't stand another minute with family. Dinner/drinks somewhere?

Only place open = Hooter's.

Just me, a middle-aged woman, my best gay friend and his boyfriend. The gays complained about the service, the food, the drinks and so on. The Hooter's girls were touching them, giggling, and so on, but they were immune to it. Don't worry, it was Christmas so we still tipped very well. Hooter's is not for us and we understand that.

But, it did get me thinking of how this place survives, because BOOBS, not the quality of food. Lol.

During my undergrad degree, a Hooter's girl was in my class and did a presentation about how Hooter's isn't a euphemism for breasts, but for owls. Seriously, she was trying so hard (bless her little heart) to sell this idea. It was right after some guy sued Hooter's for not letting him be a waiter. The answer above about the laws are correct, I remember studying it during this time.

Anyway, went on about how it's not about exploiting women, but about the food. I couldn't let it stand. I challenged her on it. Because my opinion is, if you want to make money off your boobs, knock yourself out. Do it while you can. Enjoy being young, turn a buck, have fun and so on. But, for fuck's sake, don't try to make it about something else. Of course it's about boobs and ass.

On another aside, I noticed in the bathroom there is an employee "dressing chart" on the door. According to the chart, the girls have to wear those bulky, white socks and panty hose. Personally, I think it's time for Hooter's to have a make over and get out of their dated 80s branding. But, that's me. Again, it's not for me and my gay friends. I'm sure the straight guys could care less that orange is no one's color and panty hose are ick (IMO).

Final story, I was passing a Hooter's with my then 10-year-old son and a straight guy friend. My son started giggling and the conversation went like this:

Me: Why are you laughing?

Son: Because I saw a Hooter's. I know what goes on in there. G told me. (G is his older, "wiser" cousin who was 11 at the time)

Me: Oh, yeah? What goes on in there?

Son: G told me girls do things in there that are well . . . unnecessary.

Friend: Ha! No, M, listen to me . . . it is very necessary!

After more conversation we found out his cousin told him the girls "pull their shirts over their heads." Lol, that would probably sell more wings.

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